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A Pair of Warehouse Workers Allegedly Scammed In-N-Out for Over $150,000

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A forklift operator and his helper got away with it for more than a decade

In N Out

Two men (one a warehouse employee and another his parts vendor) stand accused this week of stealing more than $150,000 from the famous Southern California fast food chain In-N-Out — and lawyers for the burger company say the total loss could end up being “substantially higher” when it’s all sorted out.

According to CBSLA, court documents submitted last Friday allege that two men — Kevin Koerner, an In-N-Out employee, and Louie Garcia, the owner of a materials company that supplied parts for In-N-Out’s warehouses — conspired to draft fake invoices, inflate the cost of parts, and generally find ways to siphon off money from the multi-million dollar enterprise.

The whole scheme apparently ran unchecked for well over a decade, until an employee of Garcia’s figured out the shady math and made a call to In-N-Out and the Irvine Police. That’s according to the prosecutor, who brought each men one count of grand theft (with enhancements for white-collar crime over $100,000, and nearly three dozen counts apiece of forgery. Each could be on the hook for more than a quarter-century of jail time if convicted.

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