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Butter’s Ice Cream Brings Late Night Nostalgia to the Silver Lake Crowd

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Opening soon next door to Silverlake Ramen

Butter’s Ice Cream, Silver Lake

The greater Eastside’s ice cream wars continue to escalate with news today of a new shop called Butter’s Ice Cream coming to Silver Lake this fall. The storefront is taking up residence inside some pretty prime real estate, right off Sunset Boulevard and next door to Silverlake Ramen.

Butter’s Ice Cream is the first restaurant project from Garen and Kristofer Nalbandian, and comes at a time of growth for not only the ice cream industry in Los Angeles, but that whole stretch of Silver Lake. Just doors down is the recently-opened Osen Izakaya, with Tintorera not far off. Silverlake Ramen themselves have been doing such brisk business they actually opened a to-go only shop further up the street in Echo Park, too.

That shouldn’t faze the Nalbandian clan though. They’re after a pretty unique market, playing up the ice cream angle along with nostalgia hits and a fashion sensibility. That means throwback ice cream flavors and names (less unique, farm-driven flavors and more classic stuff) with a late 80s, early 90s appeal to go along with possible collaborations that could include a variety of capsule streetwear drops. Think the Momofuku shoe, but for ice cream.

The Butter’s Ice Cream shop is currently under construction and should be ready by early fall, ideally. When it opens, look for daily hours from noon to late night (to satisfy those post-ramen sweet tooth needs) and an eventual expansion into things like affogatos, milkshakes, and more.

Butter’s Ice Cream
2925 Sunset Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA

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