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Fake DTLA Music Festival Would've Had Solange and SQIRL Together

Mysterious website boasts notable music and food festival

By all accounts, Croix World DTLA was supposed to feature some of the best music artists, accompanied by some of the best restaurants in the business. The September 23 to 24 headliners features artists like Solange, SZA, and Childish Gambino, while the food showcases Sqirl, Delicious Pizza, Guerrilla Tacos, and Chunk-N-Chip ice cream. Croix World, sponsored by everyone’s favorite bubbly water LaCroix seemed almost too good to be true.

Because it is.

Eater reached out to Sqirl’s Jessica Koslow, and she confirmed that Croix World was not real. SZA tweeted the same. Uproxx initially reported on the festival but has since amended the post with an update stating the event is a fake.

Twitter users reported problems after clicking on the RSVP link, which leads to an Eventbrite page that requires a password. Confirming with the “event’s” organizers proved to be impossible.

But the kicker is the use of the LaCroix name. Since 2010, LaCroix has proven to be one of the most expansive brands in the beverage business. Thanks to the National Beverage Co. reworking LaCroix with neon, kaleidoscopic cans, the fizzy water is everywhere, from tech offices to hipster convenience stores. For an unknown entity to use the La Croix name, to promote a fake event is wildly mysterious and brazen.

In the meantime, Twitter users are frantically using the hashtag #CroixWorld to figure out how to get access to an event that will never happen.

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