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Brooklyn Pizza Hotspot Roberta’s Has Every Intention of Opening in Culver City

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The popular NYC restaurant held a pop-up at The Platform last year

Pizza from Roberta’s
Eater NY

Crazy popular Brooklyn restaurant Roberta’s is sliding into Culver City’s Platform project sometime next year. Multiple sources have confirmed to Eater that the move, while previously only rumored, is indeed happening after all.

While not as low-key a location as the Brooklyn original, this West Coast iteration of Roberta’s certainly won’t hurt for foot traffic. The Platform project (home to everything from Loqui to the Cannibal to Blue Bottle to the bright new Hayden) adds a buzzy new eatery to the edges of Culver City, just steps from a rail line stop and teeming with hip young types from the neighborhood and surrounding Hayden Tract office spaces.

Roberta’s also has a history there, having started a long-running LA pop-up outside at the property late last year that lasted into early 2017. They’ve even done dinner at the Rose Cafe in Venice, and members from Roberta’s kitchen staff have been spending quite a lot of time in and around Los Angeles for over a year now.

While reps for Roberta’s and the Platform project both declined to confirm the news to Eater directly, several outside sources have independently verified the news. There’s no official timetable for the opening — the Roberta’s team is currently hard at work on a separate pop-up in Miami that debuts in October — but look for something middle to late next year, most likely.

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