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Santa Monica’s L’Ami Closed Six Weeks Ago and Barely Anyone Noticed

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A prime Westside space is now available

L’ Ami
Open Table

There is a bit of mystery surrounding Santa Monica’s L’Ami. After stealthily closing their doors in early August, Eater has yet to confirm whether the closure is a renovation, or an outright shuttering. Toddrickallen first noticed L’Ami’s status a few days ago, and Open Table indicates that L’Ami is “permanently closed.” Yet the L’ Ami website states the following, “We are closed for an undetermined time for renovations.” Eater reached out to confirm, with no response yet.

L’Ami’s 17-month run started in April 2016, when restauranteur, Marc-Antoine Rambaud (former co-owner of The Little Door) briefly closed The Little Door Santa Monica to open the new venture. Rambaud performed just minor interior changes at this summery, south of France-inspired hideaway, just across the street from from Brentwood Country Mart, and hired Francis Bey from Venice’s Lilly’s Bistro to helm the kitchen.

Yelp reviews were relatively strong at a four star average, though only 48 reviews only came through in the nearly year-and-a-half stretch.

246 26th Street
Santa Monica, CA

The Little Door

8164 West 3rd Street, , CA 90048 (323) 951-1210

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