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Petit Trois Vet Opens a Brittany-Inspired French Restaurant in Manhattan Beach

Les P'Tits Bretons comes from a Petit Trois veteran

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Rotisserie chicken at Les P’Tits Bretons

Barely open for a month, Les P'Tits Bretons is a Brittany-inspired restaurant in Manhattan Beach. Owners Olivier Jouet and Djahida Righi are recent transplants from Paris, and moved to Los Angeles to open a Breton restaurant. The husband and wife team took over the former Marine Street Cafe space, perched a few blocks above Manhattan Beach in a residential neighborhood.

Chuck Kallal, the chef, says “my guess that this is the first Brittany-inspired restaurant south of San Francisco.” Les P'Tits Bretons is a culmination of Kallal’s experience at notable LA kitchens. As an early member of the Ludo Bites team, Kallal helped launch Petit Trois, while honing his craft at places like Factory Kitchen and Rustic Canyon.

The overall vibe of the place is that it’s unfussy. Kallal avoids traditional French, and tries to things as rustic as possible. “We want to keep it super local, fresh, exceedingly seasonal, with a nod to Brittany.”

Les P'Tits Bretons’ cuisine is unfussy and approachable, which works perfectly for the everyday neighborhood location. There’s a Breton-style bolognese, wild sea bass, buckwheat gluten-free galette, charcuterie, and white bean hummus. Les P'Tits Bretons is open from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m., and closed Mondays.

Les P'Tits Bretons
2201 Highland Avenue
Manhattan Beach, CA

Les P'Tits Bretons official

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