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Koreatown’s Walker Inn Bar Closes Temporarily For Menu Update and Overhaul

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Things will look a bit different for the Walker Inn and Normandie Club this year

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The Walker Inn, the not-so-secret bar inside the Hotel Normandie in Koreatown, has quietly closed for an update. The plan is to reopen on January 16 after a rapid organizational rework that will switch up a bit of the look and much of the menu.

This year, the intimate Koreatown bar will be eliminating the thematic menus, rolling out a new tasting schedule, and combining forces with the adjacent Normandie Club on weekends. Now, Sundays through Thursdays will have the Walker’s familiar reservation-only bar setup, with seatings only at 7 p.m. and 9 p.m. The Walker Inn crew asks drinkers with reservations to participate in the new menu, but anyone seated in the lounge can approach the bar and order additional drinks a la carte for the seated service with dedicated servers.

More about those tastings: there will be a total of 12 tasting reservations available per night, at a cost of $70 a head. That puts drinks at between $15 and $20 each, though the new menu will also include a petit tasting of three cocktails for $35. High rollers can also buy a bottle, store it in a locker, and drink from it each visit for a small fee.

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Fridays through Sundays will be a full-on merger between the Walker Inn and the Normandie Club. The Walker Inn door will remain open all night long, essentially turning the Walker into a back room for the club. Each will carry its own drink menu, and offer a different vibe across the complementing spaces. Expect a reopening on January 16.

The Walker Inn
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Los Angeles, CA

The Walker Inn

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The Normandie Club

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