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A Grown Up Lego-Themed Pop Up Bar Will Bring a Million Tiny Plastic Bricks to LA

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It’s totally unofficial

Children playing with Legos
Ki young/Shutterstock

A pop-up bar called One Million Bricks is coming to LA in 2018, and it’ll be completely made of Lego bricks. First reported by Eater Montreal, the pop-up will make appearances in Montreal, New York, and London. The pop-up will use over one million Lego blocks for its bar and various sculptures, while they’ll have individual Legos sets available for those that want to channel their inner child while drinking a cocktail.

The pop-up is not without controversy. One Million Bricks changed their tune a few days ago, after abruptly changing the original name from Legobar to One Million Bricks, or TheBrickBars. The change likely came after Lego officially stepped in to stop any trademark infringement. Legobar/One Million Bricks/TheBrickBars did not ask permission to use the Lego name, yet added a disclaimer at the bottom of their website that says, “We are not associated with Lego®.” As a result, Lego issued a statement with their disapproval:

As a manufacturer of children’s toys, it is not within our remit to partner with brands or individuals operating the food and beverages sector. Our primary focus is on inspiring and developing children through providing fun and engaging play materials.

The One Million Bricks organizers could have taken cues from other branded bar pop-ups, which skirted the lines more carefully. The Scum & Villainy Cantina was clearly Star Wars-themed, but didn’t overtly name their galactic partner. There was also the unofficial tribute bar to the movie Beetlejuice, Beetle House LA.

It remains unclear when exactly the One Million Bricks/TheBrickBars will come to Los Angeles. Eater reached out to the event organizers, and has yet to hear back.