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Venice’s Seven-Year-Old Cerveteca Cantina Rolls Up and Moves On

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The Culver City location is all that’s left

Signage for Cerveteca
Farley Elliott

Casual Venice cantina Cerveteca has called it quits, some seven years after first opening on Rose Avenue.

The decision to shutter the popular neighborhood restaurant, known mostly for its seafood and tacos, came without much fanfare. Ownership simply made the announcement that they were planning to “close indefinitely” on Instagram, right beneath a plug for fans to get out and enjoy brunch. It’s certainly a far cry from the meaningful, heartfelt (if somewhat ambiguous) message left by, say, the owner of Irish bar classic Tom Bergin’s.

But not that all is lost — Cerveteca still has one remaining location, a busy takeout window in Culver City. The company’s now-shuttered Downtown location was also an early hit in the Arts District some time ago before it ultimately closed.

No official word on what’s next for the Rose Avenue Cerveteca space, but it’s becoming increasingly hard for casual places to make a go of it on that upscaled block. La Fiesta Brava was forced to relocate following a rent hike in 2016, and Paul Hibler’s Superba Snack Bar shuttered around the same time. That said, Venice overall is still flying high thanks to places like Neighbor, Felix, and the Rose Cafe.

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