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Coastal Italian Flavors Converge at West Hollywood’s New Viale dei Romani

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The new La Peer Hotel project is overseen by chef Casey Lane

Viale Dei Romani
Viale Dei Romani

West Hollywood’s got a hot new property to talk about, and it’s called the La Peer Hotel. That’s where guests and local diners can also find Casey Lane these days, working up a coastal Italian menu at the brand-new Viale dei Romani.

The boutique project only opened January 16 on La Peer Drive, offering 105 rooms, a private event terrace up on the roof, and walkability to places like Urth Caffé. It’s also the home of the aforementioned Viale dei Romani, tucked away off the lobby entrance as the hotel’s standalone restaurant.

So what to expect? Lane is cooking up mostly Italian flavors, but with the broader scope of the Mediterranean at hand. That means everything from pasta and pizza to wood-oven seafood, raw fish dishes like crudos, and more, with ingredients spreading from North Africa to France and back to Italy. There will also be a full bar, of course. An opening menu is below.

As for the rest of the La Peer Hotel property, there is a courtyard bar that will keep daily hours from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m., acting as the main hub for overnight guests. Viale dei Romani is open as of this week from 5:30 p.m. to midnight.

Viale dei Romani
627 N. La Peer Ave.
West Hollywood, CA

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