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A Dumpling Newcomer Adds Some Firepower to Surging Melrose Avenue

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Stuff’d takes over at a familiar location next month

Dumplings from Stuff’d

Things are looking up on the culinary side of things for Melrose Avenue, with a slew of recent and soon-to-come openings landing in 2018. Among them is Stuff’d, a new organic dumpling spot landing in the former short-lived AMMO takeaway location.

Stuff’d will operate as a fast casual, mostly takeaway option for buzzy Melrose Avenue, working a menu of pan-regional dumplings for all to enjoy. Mostly these skew towards the Russian interpretation of dumplings, but with more modern and classic California ingredients. Think black miso cod dumplings, and even sweetened dessert dumplings.

As for the space, look for some limited seating both inside and out, but with a small footprint there’s also going to be a focus on takeaway and likely delivery for the neighborhood. Look for an opening sometime in mid-to-late February.

Meanwhile, the rest of Melrose Avenue continues to heat up with action. The recently-opened Coffee for Sasquatch is already packed with regulars daily, while just across La Brea Milk Bar is preparing for an early 2018 arrival and further down options like Alta and Blackbird are offering something new for the area.

6909 Melrose Ave.
Los Angeles, CA

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