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A Pair of Sotto Vets Decamp For New Pizza Project Along Melrose Avenue

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Ronan comes to a burgeoning pizza alley in Mid-City

A rendering for Ronan on Melrose

There’s a new Italian operation coming to Melrose soon called Ronan. The project takes over what was for years a location of Mao’s Kitchen, but is offering a completely different vibe and cuisine type, starting with wood-fired oven pizzas.

Right now, this Instagram page is just about all that’s available to look at for what will eventually be Ronan. But still, scanning through some images you can see the pizza oven, plus some big new windows letting in light to the long, narrow space. An ABC license has been posted too, with room for a full lineup of alcohol.

So who’s behind the new project? One Daniel Cutler, former chef de cuisine at Sotto, and his wife Caitlin Coyne. The latter was for years a general manager at Sotto, as well as Alimento back in the day. Cutler, meanwhile, made a name for himself as the guy working the pizza oven nightly over at Sotto. Eater reached out to Cutler for more information, but so far hasn’t heard back.

Regardless, it’s hard not to see all the pizza on and around Melrose these days. Not only is there Mozza at the far end, but diners can also hop over to Spartina, Tomato Pie, the brand new Blackbird Pizza doing deep dish nearby, and Pizza Romana around the corner on La Brea.

7315 Melrose Ave.
Los Angeles, CA

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