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Esoteric Culver City Cafe Destroyer Finally Adds Weekend Service

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Jordan Kahn’s more reasonably priced offshoot becomes easier to enjoy

Destroyer food
Curtis Pickrell

Culver City’s culinary offerings continue to grow, with Destroyer the latest name to make moves in the neighborhood. The forever-quirky weekday cafe has decided to quietly jump into weekend service, greatly expanding its reach for those who have so far been unable to enjoy chef Jordan Kahn’s cooking.

Reps for Destroyer say that, starting this weekend, the restaurant will keep Saturday and Sunday hours from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. They’re not calling the shift “brunch,” per se, but rather are simply growing the dining timeline for those who may not have been able to try the weekday menus just yet.

Destroyer is in many ways a passion project similar to Kahn’s sister restaurant Vespertine, which sits just across the street. Both are esoteric and thoughtful, though the former manages to be a good deal more approachable, both in price point and cuisine. Still, Destroyer has always carried much the same design and direction as its more avant-garde companion, including the use of stoneware, foams, and surprising ingredients.

Beyond the expanded hours, Destroyer is now also offering online ordering for quicker service, given the space limitations of the original building. That’s increasingly important in busy Culver City, where fast casual food and quick service continues to reign supreme. Amazon’s 350,000 square foot studio expansion in the area should only push matters further forward, and continue to draw in a variety of big names to the neighborhood like Roberta’s and Ms. Chi.

Destroyer. 3578 Hayden Ave., Culver City, CA.

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