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Donut Friend Continues Sweet Success Story With New Downtown Location

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The all-vegan Highland Park doughnut shop is expanding

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Donut Friend Mark Trombino holds a doughnut in each hand.
Mark Trombino of Donut Friend
Elizabeth Daniels
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Good news, sweets lovers: Donut Friend is expanding. The quietly all-vegan Highland Park shop sensation has plans to put down roots in Downtown, right on busy Broadway.

Donut Friend owner Mark Trombino confirmed the new location of his already-popular shop, which sports close to 100,000 fans on Instagram and regularly plays to long weekend lines in Highland Park. This new location hits inside a small former bridal shop, directly across from the Spring Street Arcade and a block or so from Pershing Square. Trombino says the expansion is still a couple of months out at least, so there’s no opening timeline just yet.

Regardless, the new Downtown doughnut shop should do big business when it arrives, given the popularity of the existing five-year-old spot on York. As for the most direct competition to Donut Friend’s unique, often music-themed creations, there’s already Birdies and Astro Doughnuts in Downtown, but it certainly seems that there’s more than enough room for everyone to thrive. Look for a hopeful opening by the end of the year for Donut Friend in Downtown.

Donut Friend DTLA. 543 S. Broadway, Los Angeles, CA.