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Someone Tossed a Couple of Bird Scooters Through a Venice Bar Window

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The Brig is, thankfully, no worse for wear

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A Bird scooter
Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Here’s something that feels just perfectly 2018: A man in Venice was captured on surveillance cameras throwing two Bird scooters through a front window of the Brig bar on Abbot Kinney.

The incident apparently went down in the early morning on October 3, but video of the seemingly unprovoked attack only surfaced last night. In the black and white footage run by ABC7, the unknown man can be seen using the handlebars as a battering ram in order to shatter a small window that looks out onto the busy boulevard. Once the glass gives way, he throws the entire electric scooter inside, followed by a second one that is left hanging along the edge of the window. The man then, somewhat ironically, climbs onto his own waiting bicycle, and pedals off. As NBCLA so eloquently puts it: there’s no telling “what made the man do what he did.”

It’s worth pointing out that the assailant does appear to be somewhat agitated at Bird scooters, the bar, or both. He can be seen speaking to himself, pacing around, and pointing a finger at the bar during the incident. It’s also worth noting just how important the Brig has been to a changing Venice community. The popular bar has survived for more than 60 years in the same location and was one of the first places in Los Angeles to embrace the modern food truck revolution, letting early operators like Kogi BBQ use their parking lot as a regular stop.

Many other Westside residents have come out against Bird and Lime scooters in recent months, as they claim the app-activated electric scooters are an unsafe blight on sidewalks and park spaces. The companies themselves seem to have a love-hate relationship with local municipalities, even shutting down service for a day in protest over competitive new city-approved contracts. Still, nobody should be throwing scooters through windows of businesses.

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