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Echo Park Village Looking to Fill Four New Restaurants And Bars

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These spaces are open and ready to go, but can’t seem to find the right occupant

Echo Park Village
Echo Park Village
Urbanlime Real Estate

It took two years to complete, but Echo Park Village is a head-turner. And while the slightly south of Echo Park development is open for business, it has yet to attract tenants to occupy the spaces that includes four restaurants and a bar.

Clark Street Bread signed a lease at Echo Park Village in 2016. As the anchor tenant, this will be the second location for the bakery outside of Grand Central Market, and the opening is two to three months out. Plancha Tacos was forced to pull its third LA location plans, but in March, some newcomers claimed two spaces. The first was Ten Bells Wine Bar from New York and Gra Pizzeria from London. And while there’s a One Down Dog Yoga and retail store coming, the remaining are ready for operation, but sit completely empty.

It’s a bit of a surprise that these are still on the market. A 2,608 square foot space was just granted an entitlement for a California Liquor License Type 48. Type 48 is required if the California business is a bar, tavern, cocktail lounge, or nightclub.

The four remaining restaurants are 948 square feet, 1,145 square feet, 1,607 square feet, and a 3,511 square foot restaurant and bar. Interested parties can find more information here.