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Two Injured in Shooting at Highland Park Bar Saturday Night

Johnny’s Bar patrons dropped to the floor as bullets struck the building

Johnny’s Bar
Bullet holes at Johnny’s Bar in Highland Park
Dan Thomsen

A shooting at Johnny’s Bar in Highland Park left patrons and the neighborhood on edge Saturday night. The incident appears to be a scuffle between two groups of men, which resulted in bullet hole-filled walls, and two people injured. At present, there are no suspects in custody.

Eater spoke with a witness who suggested Johnny’s was not a target, but due to a gang interaction. Dan Thomsen walked with friends towards Johnny’s Bar at approximately 11:15 p.m. on Saturday night, when he allegedly saw a group of pedestrians flash gang signs towards a car. That prompted the car passenger to quickly exit the vehicle and run towards the group of men.

“We had nothing to do with the fight,” says Thomsen. “A 5’4 kid ran through us to get to these guys, and bumped into me and my friends. We watched this other group of guys beat him down. I told my friends to go inside and stay away from this craziness. Five minutes later, the kid pulled off ten rounds. Everyone in Johnny’s hit the ground and the bouncer yelled at everyone to go to the back of the building. Luckily, he was a really bad shot.”

The Eastsider confirmed a similar version of events through an LAPD spokesperson. Thomsen described bullet holes above Johnny’s front door and window, and one person injured by broken glass. LAPD also reported two injured victims were taken to area hospitals after the shooting.

Only 30 minutes earlier in Atwater Village, a man was shot and killed at Del Taco on Los Feliz Boulevard. While police aren’t connecting the two shootings, they suspect both might be gang-related. If anyone has further details, they are encouraged to contact the Los Angeles Police Department.

Johnny’s Bar
Johnny’s Bar
Johnny’s Bar

Johnny’s Bar, 5006 York Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA

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