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Silver Lake’s Neighborhood Brunch Spot, Home Restaurant, Closes After Ten Years

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The brunch spot will still serve eggs and burgers under a new name, for now

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Home Silver Lake
Home Silver Lake
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Silver Lake corner brunch spot Home has closed unceremoniously, bringing an end to the Riverside Drive’s run as a big, casual place for the neighborhood. Now it’s to be known as Ivanhoe, though (so far) much of the look and feel of the place will remain the same.

Home owners Aram and Rose Serobian tell Eater that they’ve fully sold off the property to one Sang Shin Chun, who is attached to various small restaurants mostly in Orange County. Reached for comment, Chun confirmed the sale and said that there will be little outside notice of new ownership to start, except for the new name Ivanhoe. The brunch, salads, sandwiches, and drinks will still be on hand, along with the same staff.

Home lasted for ten years in Silver Lake. The big, dark blue restaurant with the sprawling patio was a nearby offshoot of the 20-year original in Los Feliz, which still stands — and still draws massive weekend crowds — along Hillhurst. The new Ivanhoe is up and running today, while Yelp now lists the Silver Lake Home as officially closed.

Ivanhoe. 2500 Riverside Drive, Los Angeles, CA.