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Attacker Goes Ballistic on McDonald’s Worker After Not Getting Enough Ketchup

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The Orange County incident is being investigated by police

The Santa Ana attack
Via ABC7
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An Orange County-area McDonald’s was the site of a violent attack last month over, of all things, ketchup. According to ABC7, which has obtained security footage of the incident, a fight broke out inside the restaurant’s kitchen and drive-thru window after a female customer entered the restaurant looking for a scuffle.

Per the report, the unnamed woman apparently took umbrage at just how much ketchup she was (or in this case, was not) given with her order. Rather than simply hitting the drive-thru a second time to ask for more or, who knows, just walking up to the window, the attacker allegedly entered through a back door used by workers and proceeded to get into a very physical altercation with the manager. As the security footage shows, several people end up mixed into the fracas until the woman can be pulled off the 22-year-old manager. She ultimately leaves with an unknown male.

The Santa Ana incident happened back on October 27, but was made public to news outlets this month in part as a way for police to help track down the assaulter. They so far don’t know exactly who the person is, and are asking the public for help in bringing the case forward. And again, it bears repeating that the rage-fit started over some ketchup packets.

McDonald’s sends along the following statement from Larry Kaplan, the franchisee:

Our biggest priority is always the safety and well-being of our employees and customers at our restaurants. We are fully cooperating with the Santa Ana Police department’s investigation.