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LA’s Upcoming Mexican Ingredient Craft Brewery Could Be a Showstopper

Border X opens in the City of Bell on January 15

Border X
Renderings for Border X brewery
Courtesy of SRK Architects

San Diego-based brewery Border X is exactly two months away from opening in the City of Bell. The owners broke ground over the summer and are in the throes of final construction, which brings LA one step closer to a brewery that combines Mexican ingredients with traditional craft beer.

What’s planned for the 7,000 square foot space? A huge section is reserved for Border X’s ten barrel system, with a 45 foot bar that stores beer tanks. Three TV screens show what’s available in 16 taps. Options could be the pepino sour, which pairs lime and cucumber with sour beer, or the abuelita stout with notes of cinnamon and chocolate.

The mezzanine provides an overhead view of the tanks and the entire brewery. Border X’s San Diego location keeps a full calendar of community events with music, culture, and artists. The significantly larger Bell location will also have a live entertainment space and art display area showcasing local artists, with a parking lot that doubles as space for fairs and food vendors.

Border X partners David Favela, his brother Marcelino and his sons, Martin and Ivan, opened the original San Diego location in 2014. When open, the hours are Thursday and Friday from 4 p.m. to 11 p.m., and weekends from 11:30 a.m. until midnight.

Border X. 4400 Gage Avenue, Bell, CA