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Sunny Downtown Daytime Spot, The Mighty, to Close Tonight After One Year

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The Quinn and Karen Hatfield restaurant moves on

The Mighty
Wonho Frank Lee

Downtown daytime corner restaurant The Mighty will close tonight, ending a yearlong run for the Quinn and Karen Hatfield project.

The Mighty opened in September 2017 as an upscale casual replacement for what once was a Pitfire Pizza, around the corner from Badmaash and Redbird alike. At first the plan for the anticipated project was to do daytime counter service before transitioning into sit-down meals for dinner, over time nearby road construction and low foot traffic eroded those hours until all that was left was daytime dining. Still, the place held on for some time with the promise of rotiserrie’d meats, fresh pastries, and simple salads and sandwiches, but it’s hard to survive in one of the city’s densest dining neighborhoods for anyone.

The final night of service is tonight at The Mighty. Reached for comment, the Hatfields say that they “have enjoyed being a part of the downtown Los Angeles community” but that ultimately they have decided to “simplify some of their business operations” by focusing on sister projects Odys + Penelope and Sycamore Kitchen. They do still own the property within the Higgins building, and hope to lease the space to someone else in the near future.

The loss of The Mighty comes on the heels of several other high-profile closures around Los Angeles of late, as restaurants fighting to make it to the finish line decide to turn off the lights before the holidays and end of year. That includes names like Wolfdown in Silver Lake, which is closing as of Saturday night.

The Mighty. 108 W. 2nd St., Los Angeles, CA

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