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Young Star Chef Miles Thompson Leaves His Santa Monica Gig Tonight

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He and important LA restaurant Michael’s are parting ways

Michael’s Santa Monica patio.
Michael’s in Santa Monica
Wonho Frank Lee

Young chef Miles Thompson is moving on from his post at Michael’s in Santa Monica. The highly-talented kitchen lead is taking some time away, with no firm plans on just where he’s headed next.

Thompson is a well-known figure in Los Angeles who is now in the midst of his second stint cooking in the city. His first go-round was spent at places like Animal, Son of a Gun, and eventually his own restaurant at Allumette. He eventually took off for Northern California and some consulting gigs in the Caribbean before returning back to LA to take the reigns at Michael’s, a decades-old dining stalwart considered to be among the best chef incubators in America.

Word quickly spread of Thompson’s Westside rise back in 2016, and the accolades came flooding in, including back-to-back years as a James Beard Foundation Award Rising Star Chef nominee. He, along with owner Michael McCarty, spent lots of time overhauling not only the dinner and bar menus but the property as well, pulling out new pieces from the latter’s prodigious art collection and trimming up the leafy back patio.

Now Thompson is ready for his next adventure, though it’s unclear yet just what that will be. In a statement emailed to Eater, Thompson says, in part, that “it has been an incredible experience to be a part of Michael’s Santa Monica history.” McCarty says his time with Thompson has been “a joy.”

Michael’s has not announced a new chef to take the now-vacant role, though many prominent names have come through before. Michael’s is famous for having turned out stars like Nancy Silverton, Jonathan Waxman, Brooke Williamson, and Mark Peel over the years, and the place will be celebrating its 40th anniversary in the spring of next year. Meanwhile, tonight is Thompson’s final evening of service.

Michael’s. 1147 3rd St., Santa Monica, CA.

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