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A ‘Home Alone’-Themed Pop-Up Offers Ice Skating and Cocktails in Hollywood

Plus a cocktail pop-up at NoMad and a “Rick & Morty” collaboration at Afters Ice Cream

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Home Alone pop-up in Hollywood

Starting December 1, a new pop-up experience called Happy Holidays Hollywood takes themes from the classic Christmas movie Home Alone, plus other inspiration from A Christmas Story and Bad Santa, with custom cocktails and free ice skating. Patrons can buy food from a rotating list of trucks while roaming through the Instagram museum-like setup. One of the things that feels pulled out from Home Alone is a booby trap collage so people can learn how to defend their home like Kevin McAllister. Tickets cost $40 and includes one cocktail, ice skating, plus entry.

Rick and Morty joins forces with Afters ice cream

The last notable Rick and Morty collab was with McDonald’s, so this new setup with Afters ice cream aught to be a line-drawer as well. On December 1, all 25 Afters ice cream locations in Southern California will have two Rick and Morty-inspired flavors: caramel portal ice cream topped with green apple popping candy and brownie batter ice cream with sparkling sugar. The first 50 customers get a Rick and Morty t-shirt and free ice cream starting at 6 p.m. on December 1.

Superiority Burger pops up at Konbi today

Brooks Headley, the chef/founder of Superiority Burger in New York City, is popping up at Konbi in Echo Park today serving a griddled semolina cake with uncooked kaki jam and pine nut gelato. The fully vegan ice cream costs $9.

Healthy eats to Pasadena

Beaming, the healthy eats chainlet, opens with a new location inside the Pasadena Equinox with organic salads, bites, and snacks. Because who knew healthyish non-dairy, gluten-free, vegan, and organic fare would go so well with work outs?

Tiki Ti goes on their annual vacation

Tiki Ti, the iconic but tiny Tiki bar in Silver Lake/Los Feliz, is closed until December 12 while staff goes to take their annual two week vacation. It should open just in time for the holiday bar rush.

NoMad’s holiday spectacular

Cocktail mavens will have to check out NoMad’s annual Holiday Spectacular, a Thursday to Saturday special pop-up that takes place in the Downtown spot’s coffee bar, with special holiday drinks priced at $16 apiece and collaborations with guest bartenders around town. Check out the menu below, and the festivities start December 6.

NoMad’s Holiday Spectacular cocktail menu
NoMad’s Holiday Spectacular cocktail menu