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Bareburger Ends Almost Three-Year Run in Santa Monica

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Friday is the last day of service

New York-based Bareburger will close its only West Coast shop this Friday. The chain came to Santa Monica in early 2016 with a menu full of organic, grass-fed beef as part of an expansion plan that includes four locations in Dubai, but just couldn’t make it work in Southern California.

With a menu that likely appealed to organic eating Angelenos, it’s unclear why the chain will shutter the lone location in California, especially on a heavily-trafficked strip in Santa Monica. But LA’s competitive hamburger market is a tricky one.

Bareburger assumed the former longtime breakfast spot the Omelette Parlor in 2014. It took two years to rework the space into a burger joint, and surfaced with all the makings of a successful business with reasonably-priced organic food, milkshakes, onion rings, fried chicken sandwiches, and salads. And though the company is still expanding its reach with locations in Europe, it is also making cuts. Bareburger closed a Chicago location this year.

Bareburger. 2732 Main St. Santa Monica, CA