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Saloon-Themed Speakeasy Debuts With Rare Whiskies in Larchmont

FIN’s owners launched The Residency last Friday

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The Residency
The Residency speakeasy above FIN
Courtesy of FIN

The Residency is LA’s newest speakeasy on the second floor of FIN Asian tapas in Larchmont. The saloon-themed hideaway served its first drink the day after Thanksgiving.

The Residency is a throwback-styled space filled with classic paintings, wooden chairs, dark blue walls, and mirrors throughout. The owners went all-in on the theme by curating a rare whiskey list, including Hakushu 18, Van Winkle Special Reserve 12 Year, Glenfiddich 21, and Old Weller Antique 107. Some whiskeys are barrel-aged on the premises. There’s also cocktails from the 1800s, with table side smoking and flaming garnishes, and a 300-year-old recipe for punch.

The clarified milk punch takes three days to complete, and starts with lemon rinds steeped with cloves and spices. The base is then refrigerated and doused with milk on day two, then a second reintroduced of milk for clarification. The end product is a clear cocktail, which is the inspiration of FIN’s experienced barman and general manager, Mando Aceves.

The Residency’s 1,000 square feet also has a patio deck where drinkers get a peekaboo glimpse of the Hollywood sign. This low-key bar used to be The Larchmont before FIN partners Michael Flanagan and Gerardo Reyes opened the second eatery in March. They worked on the downstairs restaurant before taking three months to remodel and design The Residency.

Regulars can become resident bottle holders, where staff can lock away a purchased bottle. For now, there is a limited menu with beef tartare, house roasted candied nuts, and charcuterie and cheese plate. Hours are Tuesday through Saturday from 7 p.m. until midnight.

The Residency. 5750 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA