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Rye Fox Closes on Beverly After Just Two Months of Business

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The chicken and whiskey spot ran out of money

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Rye Fox Rye Fox
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With very little in the way of publicity and a quiet opening in mid-October, the Rye Fox has closed on Beverly Boulevard after less than two full months of operation. Owner Sean Krajewski, who is a partner in Mendocino Farms, took over the former BLD space on Beverly Boulevard and took many months to open it with a whiskey- and rotisserie chicken-oriented menu.

Former employees were given very little notice, showing up for work to find the place locked up. Many of the employees’ final wages and tips checks bounced. Eater has obtained an email from Krajewski that states that all wages, tips, and debts will be paid eventually, with duplicate checks to cover the ones that bounced. “I take full responsibility for this situation and will personally make sure that we reconcile all debts owed to each of you,” Krajewski wrote.

In addition, purveyors confirmed to Eater that the Rye Fox closed but plans to fulfill all accounts payable. Krajewski went on to say in the email to former employees that he had “given every last dollar to the business that I am capable of giving but it simply wasn’t enough.” He also details that sales were slow the last few weeks. The restaurant managed to garner 22 mostly positive Yelp reviews, and probably could have had a longer tenure if it had more working capital.

The restaurant’s PR company tells Eater that the restaurant has closed its doors, though the landlord is looking for a new concept to fill the space. The Rye Fox team will not be affiliated with any future projects there. Just a few weeks ago, the Rye Fox started brunch service, but with such a short stint, one wonders what actually happened with the first few months of operation.