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One of Los Feliz’s Most Popular Red Sauce Italian Restaurants Expands to Frogtown

Plus why local coffee shops are roasting their own coffee, and more on the Clifton’s food situation

Rigatoni Antonio from Il Capriccio, Los Feliz
Rigatoni Antonio from Il Capriccio, Los Feliz
Il Capriccio [Official photo]
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A beloved local pasta spot finds a sweet new home near the LA River

Il Capriccio, long considered a home place for reasonably priced Italian pasta and more in Los Feliz, is finally opening a second location, this time in Elysian Valley, according to The Eastsider. Now a former machine shop known as the Blox is gaining the red sauce Italian joint, right next to Wax Paper, for anyone who already heads to the area for the latter’s ace sandwiches. The Eastsider says there’s no projected opening date but construction has begun.

Lots of beans

LA Mag has a story on why local coffee shops like Cognoscenti and PCP are roasting their own beans, either in small roasters on site of their cafes, or in bigger facilities off site. Though there are still many cafes importing their beans from other cities, it seems that learning to roast coffee is all a part of a process of furthering the craft and also reinforcing the brand locally.

When Clifton’s goes upscale

LAist has some more intel on the Clifton’s food situation. Though the cafeteria has been closed for months, owner Andrew Meieran has been building a marketplace to replace it on the first floor. According to LAist, there were operational and perception issues with the cafeteria that just didn’t make sense with most customers. Instead, the goal is to change Clifton’s into a sort of Eataly or Harrod’s, though not as expensive. And the two most popular dishes, mac & cheese and turkey with stuffing, will remain on the menu. The move toward a slightly more upscale experience seems to belie the legacy of Clifton’s but with a changing Downtown clientele, it might make more sense from a business perspective.

What’s going into The Cannibal?

NYC’s The Cannibal vacated its Culver City in January this year but the prime Culver City space still hasn’t found a new occupant. Tipster Unemployed Eater, who’s also putting on a roundup of the best $18-and-under bites in LA, tells Eater that a new place called Bianca Bakery is headed into the ground floor location.

Unemployed Eater