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LA City Councilman Wants to Require Public Venues and Theaters to Serve Vegan Food

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Councilman Paul Koretz introduced the motion on Wednesday

A vegan burger, fries, and soda shown in a promo shot with colorful artistry on the paper. Monty’s Good Burger [official]

If Paul Koretz gets his way, the Los Angeles City Councilman would require movie theaters, sporting and entertainment venues, city parks, and LAX airport restaurants to offer vegan food. Koretz is doing so in the name of fighting climate change, and introduced a proposal Wednesday that requires public businesses to do so.

At a Wednesday press conference, Koretz cited studies that link climate change with the production and consumption of animal products, and suggested a plant-based diet could significantly cut greenhouse-gas emissions, according to CBS-2.

The proposal asks city departments and organizations to provide ideas on how public venues can provide one vegan protein option. Interestingly, movie theaters seem a bit of an overreach for Koretz’s proposal, as they are privately-owned.

This motion is still in the proposal phase and needs to pass through the city attorney’s desk, head to special committee, and get a majority approval by the City Council.