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Street Food Star Mariscos Jalisco Will Open a Restaurant in Pomona

The perennial Eater 38 pick gets a 30 seat dining room in the gateway to the Inland Empire

Mariscos Jalisco’s crispy shrimp tacos
Fried shrimp tacos at Mariscos Jalisco
Matthew Kang

After 17 years parked on East Olympic Boulevard., Mariscos Jalisco owner, Raul Ortega, is opening his first brick and mortar in Pomona some time in March 2018. Mariscos Jalisco is an LA institution, included on nearly every dining list (including the Eater LA Essential 38 and even the national Eater 38), and is a 2-time Vendy Cup winner, known for their San Juan de Los Lagos, Jalisco-style fried shrimp tacos, spicy ceviches, and seafood cocktails.

The iconic fried shrimp taco served at the truck comes doused with a savory, mild salsa and dressed with avocado slices that’s been copied so much by nearby trucks and stands that many locals consider it an original Boyle Heights recipe. Ortega chose the Pomona for his first restaurant due to the ever growing Latino demographics in the area. It’s also a gateway to the rest of the Inland Empire, another bastion of Latino communities.

“I’ve been watching this area for a long time, and there are a lot of Latinos here that like to eat good seafood,” said Ortega, who will now have a parking lot with 15 spaces and a seating capacity for about 30 people. For now the menu will be the same as at the truck, which will remain in Boyle Heights, but Ortega looks to add new items down the road and eventually add a liquor license. Fans might even get to try Ortega’s legendary michelada made with shrimp stock.

Mariscos Jalisco. 753 E. Holt, Pomona, CA.

Mariscos Jalisco

801 East 10th Street, , CA 90021 (323) 309-1622