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Surfas Cooking Shop and Cafe Rebounds With New Arlington Heights Location

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Plus coffee in Burbank and a hotel in Downtown

Part of the deli selection at Surfas
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Surfas returns

Good news for fans of home and commercial cooking equipment: Surfas is almost back. The 80-year-old retail store moved out of its Culver City location last year after the land was bought from underneath them, and for a time it was unclear just where the new store would end up. Now a tipster says it’s landing at Washington and Third Avenue in Arlington Heights, due east from their previous location.

Signage is going up now and, per the company’s own Instagram account, store shelves are being stocked up fully. Surfas hasn’t confirmed the location publicly, but says they should be ready for an unveiling in the coming days. And don’t worry, there are plans to bring back the Surfas Cafe, complete with patio space and shade trees.

Hotel time

Downtown is in line for yet another hotel, according to The Hub. The project comes from Mexico’s Grupa Habita, and lands at Alameda and Seaton, with four stories, a rooftop bar, ground-floor restaurant, and more. The project pushes right up against greater Skid Row, and could come online by 2019.

The process

Ever wonder how a Bacorrito from Bacoshop in Culver City actually gets put together? Check this out.

The Fried Chicken Bäcorrito in 22 seconds.

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LA Beer Hop tours

Want to spend Valentine’s Day drinking with a loved one and maybe a few strangers? Try LA Beer Hop’s evening tour, which runs through Downtown starting at 7 p.m. and includes complimentary cheese tasting along the way.

Fat Tuesday time

It’s party time at Five0Four in Hollywood. The year-round Mardi Gras spot is turning everything up to 11 on Tuesday, February 13, with live music, two-for-one drinks, and free beignets.

Burbank’s latest

There’s a new coffee bar coming to 2922 W. Magnolia Boulevard in Burbank, and it’s called The Palm. The shop opens on February 17 serving Equator Coffee and Pitchoun Bakery pastries.