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Tesla’s Carhop Restaurant With Charging Stations Might Land in Santa Monica

The electric car manufacturer started the permit application process last week

Telsa Motors Opens New 'Supercharger' Station In Fremont, California
Supercharger station in Fremont, California
Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images
Mona Holmes is a reporter for Eater Los Angeles and a regular contributor to KCRW radio. She has covered restaurants, dining, and food culture since 2016. In 2022, the James Beard Foundation nominated her for a Jonathan Gold Local Voice Award.

In January, Elon Musk Tweeted about creating a retro carhop restaurant with electric vehicle charging stations that would include drive-in movies, and staff on roller skates. According to Elektrek, Tesla started the building permit process last week, and named a site for California’s next electric vehicle charging station at 1401 Santa Monica Boulevard, on the corner of 14th Street.

Telsa’s permit address is at a Santa Monica Volvo car dealership, which seems unusually small to host a number of charging stations, plus a restaurant. Musk is even taking ideas from his Twitter followers, who clearly want something to do while charging their electric vehicles, which can take up to 75 minutes. In another Tweet Musk suggested an easy process to order food, “We can just have the menu pop up as soon as you put the car into park.”

In November, Tesla debuted the nation’s second largest supercharger stations in Baker, an almost midpoint between Los Angeles and Las Vegas. This charging stop only has Dairy Queen and Tapioca Express for food options. Musk regularly reveals a constant stream of ideas, many that never see the light of day. But this one only took a few months to begin.

Proposed area where Tesla’s carhop restaurant and charging stations would sit in Santa Monica
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