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Fried Chicken Favorite Honeybird Expands to Vibrant USC Village

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The college kids get all the breaks

Honeybird’s fried chicken sandwich
Farley Elliott

Sleepy La Cañada fixture Honeybird has fully expanded to USC Village. The fast-casual fried chicken shop opened quietly this week while most of the students were away, and looks to ramp up to longer hours and full production in the coming weeks.

Honeybird is the work of owners Phil and Michelle Lee, the former a longtime LA restaurant kitchen vet and the latter running all things front-of-house. The pair found a comfortable home up in quiet La Cañada Flintridge back in 2016 and are now in expansion mode, focusing on a quicker grab-and-go demographic with the same menu of fried chicken sandwiches and full plates while adding salads and other items during the day.

The jump to USC Village only adds to that area’s increased dining opportunities. The massive multi-million-dollar brick buildout has lured in names like Wahlburger’s, Trader Joe’s, and cafe spot BBCM, while also keeping things local with places like Korean barbecue bowl operation Kobunga. Hours for Honeybird are 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday through Saturday, with brunch to come down the line.

3201 S. Hoover St.
Los Angeles, CA

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