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Rice Bar Chef Charles Olalia Will Bring Modern Filipino Drinking Food to Silver Lake

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The decorated chef is teaming up on a quick flip of Bar Angeles

Bar Angeles
Wonho Frank Lee

In exciting news for Silver Lake, Charles Olalia, the chef behind Downtown’s highly regarded Rice Bar, will unleash modern Filipino cooking into the bustling Eastside neighborhood. In partnership with Wade McElroy and Russell Malixi (Bar Angeles, Cafe Birdie, Good Housekeeping, Horse Thief BBQ), Olalia will reimagine Sunset Boulevard’s Bar Angeles into Ma’am Sir.

This is the former Patina chef’s first major project since leaving the fine dining restaurant and opening his tiny 200 square-foot Rice Bar project in Downtown. Like at Rice Bar, where Olalia celebrates the otherwise unheralded cuisine of every day Filipino lunch, Ma’am Sir will focus on humble drinking food.

While the menu is still in development, Olalia wants to serve a pork and sweetbreads sisig, along with other easygoing dishes intended to soak up cocktails. As for the name, it refers to the truncated greeting one hears as they walk through the markets of the Philippines. It’s a courteous display that characterizes Filipino hospitality.

Bar Angeles’s last day of services will be Saturday, March 31, and Ma’am Sir is slated to open by early June.

Ma’am Sir
4330 Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles