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Chinese Import Ooak Kitchen Opens in Culver City, And That’s Important

Plus Moo’s cooks in East LA, and there’s a party in the woods

Inside Ooak Kitchen
Ooak Kitchen [official photo]

Ooak opens

The famed David Chan — a man who reportedly has eaten at over 10,000 Chinese food restaurants, mostly in and around Los Angeles — is on the case of the quiet opening of Ooak Kitchen in Culver City. The health-focused vegetarian restaurant has been open for about three weeks, but that’s not even close to the most interesting part of the story.

According to Chan, the Guandong-based Cantonese restaurant decided to open in Culver City specifically to attract a new kind of clientele. Competition is fierce in the San Gabriel Valley yet menu prices remain drastically low, meaning new Chinese mainland imports are starting to branch into hungrier neighborhoods to give their cuisine a try. There are reportedly other Ooak locations in the works in Santa Monica and Malibu as well. Expect more and more big-name Chinese restaurants to likely start following suit, alongside names like Northern Cafe and Meizhou Dongpo.

Casey Lane can do it all

Food & Wine gives love to Casey Lane, the LA chef transforming into one of the city’s most prominent hotel dining minds. He’s been opening places left and right for months now, but still wants to keep a handle on the pulse of the city, including its late night dining scene.

Moos returns

Phenomenal Texas-style barbecue pop-up Moo’s Craft Barbecue is cooking in East LA again this weekend. The address is private, so DM for a spot in line.

Adams pack time

It’s a party at Adams’ Pack Station up in the Angeles National Forest. The longstanding snack shop and woodsy outpost is celebrating 82 years with live music, grilling, and views.

Aussie moves

Bluestone Lane is making big inroads in greater Los Angeles right now, opening their third shop soon in a former juice storefront in Santa Monica, reports Toddrickallen.

Luxury arrives

There’s a new meatless pop-up going down around Los Angeles these days, called Citizen Mustard. The finer dining event is run by Megan Marlow, who used to be the private chef for none other than Rick Caruso.

Koffi does Coffee

The greater Coachella Valley’s best coffee option, aptly named Koffi, is expanding just in time for the music to start this weekend. The company’s fourth location lands at 650 E. Tahquitz Canyon Way near the casino, and is open from 5:30 a.m. to 7 p.m. daily.

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