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City of Redondo Beach Wants Popular Restaurant to Close Its Outdoor Patio

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The restaurant has until June to remove the popular seating area

Rebel Republic
Seán O. via Yelp

The City of Redondo Beach plans to shut down Rebel Republic’s outdoor deck patio come June. The conflict started when Rebel Republic’s deck was built in 2016 as neighboring businesses complained about its construction. Rebel’s owner and restauranteur Paul E. Hennessey fought against the proposed removal, and after much back and forth, the City Council voted to remove the deck in November 2017.

According to The Daily Breeze, Rebel Republic’s deck was installed on a temporary basis at a cost of $40,000 in 2016. The deck also eliminates three parking spaces on Catalina Avenue. But the one-year deadline has long passed. Rebel’s has the only outdoor deck in the area and local businesses have asserted that Rebel’s deck provides it with an unfair advantage. The council took action after being unable to find a solution.

Hennessey went on full attack mode last week, and presented a petition with over 1,000 signatures in support of the deck to the City Council. Hennessey asserted that the city administered an ineffective survey of 50 businesses who declared the deck is not welcome in the neighborhood, and used the survey against him.

At the same council meeting, Hennessey complained about a lawsuit filed by local residents and officials that oppose the deck. Hennessey and his lawyer hinted that a potential injunction could force a new vote on the deck’s status, and accused the Redondo Beach mayor Bill Brand and councilman Nils Nehrenheim of having a conflict of interest. Hennessey claimed the the attorney handling the suit is a part owner of Sophie’s restaurant, which is next on the same block as Rebel Republic. Nehrenheim denied the charges.

The Daily Breeze spoke with regulars at Rebel Republic who find the deck is a welcome addition to the Riviera Village in Redondo. “The Village is revamping itself and I love the new concept that Rebel has brought to it and would hate to see it taken down,” Christina Reyes said.

Hennessey alleged that Sophie’s does not have enough required parking spaces for its business. Hennessey also suggested that over 30,000 people have dined on Rebel Republic’s outdoor deck in its first 18 months, which generated over $7,800 in taxes.

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