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DUI Suspect Crashes Through Torrance Karaoke Restaurant

Most patrons and staff were in the rear part of Astro Karaoke during the incident

Astro Karaoke
Jennifer N. via Yelo

A driver allegedly under the influence of PCP drove down the wrong side of the street before crashing into an empty part of a South Bay karaoke restaurant early Wednesday morning. Astro Karaoke’s security cameras captured footage of the car colliding into the building at 2212 Artesia Boulevard in Torrance.

ABC Eyewitness News first reported that the driver collided with two other cars while driving towards traffic on Artesia Boulevard, mowed down a fire hydrant, hit a light pole, then drove right into Astro Karaoke before being taken to a hospital for minor injuries.

According to officials, no one was hurt except for the suspected driver. The accident occurred at 1:30 a.m. while employees were with karaoke singing customers in the rear of the building. According to NBC 4, Astro Karoke’s owner closed the business early that same evening, and suggested the decision likely saved many from injury. An employee allegedly saw the car’s headlights move towards building before the crash.

Torrance Police Department lieutenant Steve Dajou identified the driver as Jose Ferrez from Federal Way, Washington. Hospital workers told investigators Ferrez was allegedly under the influence of PCP and will be charged with driving under the influence. Ferrez allegedly has an outstanding warrant in Washington state.