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One of LA’s First High-End Sports Bars Is Down Along West Third Street [Update]

Goal lasted eight years serving sports fans from its more upscale digs

Goal on West Third Street
Goal [official]

Eight-year-old West Third Street sports bar Goal has closed up shop. The popular spot seems to have quietly gone under last month, with no word from ownership.

Update: Ownership for Goal contacted Eater to say that they hope to return with a new menu iteration and some core changes next month. So far, they remain closed.

Tipsters say the spot has been locked up tight during prime sports-viewing hours, and calls in to the property don’t go much of anywhere. Yelp is reporting the place as fully finished, though the company’s website and social media channels are still active.

When Goal first opened back in 2010, there were far fewer modern sports-watching experiences to be had around Los Angeles. Most weekend TV warriors found themselves drawn to either large-format chain restaurants like Buffalo Wild Wings or longtime local dive bars with flickering televisions in one corner. Goal instead found itself at the upper end of that spectrum, catering to groups who could fill entire booths while offering a more craft-focused drink and food experience.

There’s no word yet on what might replace Goal along that stretch, but it’s safe to say the space won’t stay empty for long. The area is constantly churning with new ideas, from the incoming Slab barbecue to the late-year addition of My Little Dumpling to the former Gusto space.

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