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In-N-Out Fans Lose It Over April Fool’s Prank Promising Bacon and Avocado

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The elaborate goof went down over the weekend

In-N-Out burgers

An elaborate April Fool’s prank involving In-N-Out (unbeknownst to them) managed to briefly get fans all in a tizzy over the weekend, as the gag offered the tantalizing promise of avocado and bacon options being added to the company’s famously limited menu.

In a well-produced video released across social media, the Orange County folks from The Eat Show — including restaurant owner Andy Nguyen from Afters Ice Cream, Pig Pen Delicacy, and more — claimed to be heading to In-N-Out for a private media preview of the new “Cali Style” burger, available with thick slices of avocado and wavy bacon. The resulting images and YouTube clips racked up more than 100,000 collective views, with folks tagging friends to share the good news. Of course the whole thing is a stunt, tipped off in part by the April 1 “launch date” for the new menu item. April Fool’s strikes again.

In-N-Out fans for years have been clamoring for more robust options from the family-owned Southern California company. A big push to get the restaurant to add a veggie burger surfaced a while back, and for years enterprising eaters have been dropping in their own avocado and bacon to their burgers on the sly. In-N-Out’s decision just to add hot cocoa to its permanent menu last year was itself cause for many a blog post and YouTube video.

As expected, In-N-Out has no announced plans to carry a larger food lineup any time soon. The restaurant chain is also famously media-averse and almost never does press of any kind, let alone influencer media events to try new dishes. The company even recently went so far as to put out a restraining order against a pranking YouTuber who had been harassing customers and employees at several Southern California locations.

So for now the dream of being able to get an avocado bacon double-double from across the In-N-Out counter remains only that. And, as with every year, April Fool’s food pranks claim another handful of victims.

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