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Farid Zadi Once Again Asks for Help to Keep Revolutionario Alive

The chef says ongoing building sale issues have led to mounting costs

Tacos from Revolutionario

North African chef Farid Zadi is once again reaching out to his friends, family, and loyal fans for support, asking for help in covering a new slate of costs that have come from his ongoing legal disputes. The central issue at his restaurant Revolutionario is the building itself, which has been sold (or threatened to be sold) multiple times since Zadi first moved in.

In a newly posted GoFundMe page, Zadi says a deal for Revolutionario’s building is done, and that means there’s a need to cover some of the costs that Zadi has incurred over the past two years. He cites legal services, “repairs and maintenance,” and “loss of income” as a few of the ways his taco shop has been negatively affected, and is asking for some $10,000 from the general dining public.

The initial call for support came on April 18, when Zadi said he had only two weeks to recoup his losses or the restaurant would close. After raising nearly $2,000 he’s backed off that claim some, noting in an update that some in-person donations have come in to match the online money as well. “We’re less stressed now,” he adds, “We see a positive finish line in sight.”

It’s worth noting that this is not the first time Zadi has asked for public money via a GoFundMe page. Back in December of 2016 Revolutionario sought some $250,000 to attempt to buy their building themselves, but came away with only several hundred dollars.

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