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‘Dallas’ Actor Patrick Duffy Will Open a Bar Inside This Hollywood Theater

The Broadwater Plunge will open in May

The Broadwater Plunge
Patrick Duffy, his son Padraic Duffy, and Emily Kosloski
Jessica Sherman

A forthcoming bar inside Hollywood’s Broadwater Theater wants to serve drinks to theatergoers or any thirsty traveler. Actor Patrick Duffy, his son Padraic Duffy, and Padraic’s wife Emily Kosloski created the Broadwater Plunge, with plans to open before the annual theater event, the Hollywood Fringe Festival.

Even though the bar will be open to the public, the 900 square foot bar is also designed to appeal to those that appreciate the theater. Podraic Duffy likens Broadwater Plunge to a community space and shared the inspiration behind the bar, “We’ve built a bar that will be a safe place for LA’s live-theater lovers — be they actors, producers, playwrights, or enthusiasts — to gather, brainstorm ideas, run lines, unwind after a performance or just take comfort in being among like-minded people.”

The elder Duffy grew up in an apartment connected to his parents’ bar, The Owl in Townsend, Montana. “The Owl always felt like just another room in our apartment,” says Patrick Duffy. “A customer who’d had one too many would stumble through the door that separated the bar from our living room looking for the bathroom. We’d just spin ‘em around, point them in the right direction, and send them back into the bar.” Patrick Duffy not only starred on the 1980s television drama Dallas, but also the series revamp in 2012.

The bar’s design comes from Greg Swanson, best known for his work at The LINE Hotel and Clifton’s Cafeteria. Broadwater Plunge’s model is similar to the iO West’s bar-theater. iO West was the LA arm of the Chicago improv theater group. The defunct Hollywood theater had a full bar accessible to all during performances.

The Broadwater Plunge
The Broadwater Plunge
Jessica Sherman

Broadwater Plunge
6324 Santa Monica Boulevard,
Los Angeles, CA