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Highland Park’s Whimsical Food Hall Project Isn’t Happening After All

Plus Jonathan Gold on KCRW, and love for Little Door

Billie Bird Market
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No go

Bad news for food hall fans, as it seems the proposed Billie Bird Market on York in Highland Park won’t be happening after all. Despite an early real estate campaign aimed at bringing in big talent, the small space never quite came together and is now being shopped around as a standalone restaurant space with an entirely new layout. Check out the Urbanlime real estate specs on the place here.

Masters again

It’s almost time once again for the Masters of Taste event. The Sunday, May 6 shindig goes down at the Rose Bowl, and tickets cost $105 for general admission.

Love of the game

Southern chef Sean Brock has fallen in love with all things Vespertine, as evidenced by the effusive Instagram post below.

Clay pot stories

Jonathan Gold made his way back to KCRW to discuss the rice at the bottom of the clay pot at Nature Pagoda in the San Gabriel Valley. It’s an interesting listen, and part of what Gold truly does best.

Live it up

There’s live jazz tonight at Le Petit Paris in Downtown, running from 4:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. The soaring space will also offer a variety of food and drink specials, from escargot to bottomless rose.

California news

Here’s a detailed legal post on the ins and outs of California’s Fair Labor Standards Act, and whether or not restaurants can finally include kitchen staff in tip pools.

Little Door love

Celebrities apparently love The Little Door on West Third Street, as discussed in this glossy new Hollywood Reporter video that showcases all the places made popular by famous faces over the years.

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