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Arts District Morning Mainstay Blacktop Coffee Is No More

The four-year-old shop shuttered without warning

Blacktop Coffee
Elizabeth Daniels

Hip Arts District morning enclave Blacktop Coffee seems to have disappeared overnight. The place has been all buttoned up since the weekend, with no advanced warning from ownership about what was coming.

Instead, the only notice of an official permanent shutter is a small paper sign taped to the door that simply reads “FAREWELL.” Owners Joseph Pitruzzelli and Tyler Wilson (also the names behind Wurstkuche at the end of the block) haven’t posted to their website or social media channels since February, leaving expectant Arts District customers to show up, try the door, and walk away after a few minutes. Eater reached out to ownership to discuss the closure, but so far hasn’t heard back.

Blacktop Coffee first opened back in April of 2014, long before restaurants like Manuela and Inko Nito arrived across the street. The 240-square-foot shop was Tyler Wells’ first standalone project after Handsome Coffee, though he eventually decamped to go start Nice Coffee in Downtown and, now, All Time in Los Feliz. Blacktop was also an early home for Wes Avila and the Guerrilla Tacos truck; Now they’re moving into a permanent space not far away, and Blacktop is no more.

The Blacktop Coffee ‘FAREWELL’ sign

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