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Modern Times Expands Its Craft Beer Reach Up to Santa Barbara

The popular Southern California company just keeps growing

Modern Times
Modern Times Beer
Wonho Frank Lee

Craft beer favorite Modern Times Beer is on the move again, this time well up the coast to Santa Barbara. The company announced the jump on their blog yesterday, noting plans to add a taproom and full restaurant to the Central Coast mix.

By all accounts this should be one of the bigger projects for Modern Times in recent memory, with a large building that offers ample indoor and outdoor space — some 2,500 feet of sunny open space, in fact. There will be an indoor bar and dining room, and another, separate bar outside for customers, plus takeaway retail beer sales and a storefront for merchandise and the like. There will not, however, be any on-site brewing, so instead the company is keen to bring in beers from their other facilities and offer limited releases at this new Santa Barbara home.

There’s no word yet on just what the food will look like, but it’s worth noting that the company’s recently-opened Downtown Los Angeles location is completely vegan. This Central Coast location will also be pitched right next to other popular Santa Barbara spots like Test Pilot and Good Lion, making for a pretty strong drink and food sector right there on South State Street. Add in the new Bibi Ji, and suddenly the scene is looking way up.

As for timing, Modern Times says the restaurant and bar should be ready by the end of the year. The company is also still hard at work on a gigantic Anaheim build-out to be called LeisureTown, with an intended goal of opening sometime this summer.

Modern Times Santa Barbara
418 State St.
Santa Barbara, CA

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