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The Best Dishes Eater LA Editors Ate This Week, May 2018

Mining the latest dining gems LA has to offer

Manhattan Beach Post
Eggs benedict at Manhattan Beach Post
Crystal Coser

As professional eaters, the editors of Eater LA make it a habit of eating out several times a week, if not per day. That means there are always standout dishes that deserve their time in the limelight. Here now, the very best of everything the team has eaten recently.

May 17, 2018

Eggs benedict at Manhattan Beach Post

Manhattan Beach Post
Eggs benedict at Manhattan Beach Post
Crystal Coser

Since opening back in 2011, Manhattan Beach Post has largely been responsible for furthering the culinary landscape in the South Bay, with everything from its exceptional cocktail program to what is perhaps the best brunch in the southland to those extraordinaty bacon cheddar biscuits. Come Saturday and Sunday afternoon, and those biscuits get even tastier with the addition arugula, La Quercia Tamworth prosciutto, and hollandaise. The delicate prosciutto balances out the gut-busting, flaky-as-hell biscuit, and makes for a delicious, albeit hearty, morning meal that certainly merits a post-brunch stroll along the beach. 1142 Manhattan Ave Manhattan Beach —Crystal Coser

Oysters at Rappahannock Oyster Bar at the ROW

As the summer sun begins its imminent mid-year blaze, it’s a good idea to duck into the cool confines of Rapphannock Oyster Bar at the ROW in Downtown. There’s loads of natural light and greenery inside. But there’s also a ton of action at the raw bar, where well-suited attendants pull some of the best shellfish from East Coast bays. Those really keen on flavors of the ocean would do well to opt for the Old Salts — big, meaty oysters from further out in the waters. They taste like the sea, plucked right down one bite at a time in Downtown LA. 787 S. Alameda St., Downtown —Farley Elliott

Chamomile scallop milk with snow fungus at Disco Dining Club

Disco Dining Club Mona Holmes

LA-based Disco Dining Club events are fascinating. These dinner parties choose a selected theme which includes a multi-course meal with a side of impeccably and creatively dressed characters. Last month’s was The Garden of Earthly Delights, where DDC transformed a local backyard into an opulent garden with an L-shaped table seating over dozens of guests. This cannabis dinner paired CBD-infused dishes with THC cocktails, and the chamomile scallop milk with snow fungus stole the show.

The almost translucent snow fungus is familiar in Asian markets, and chef Nico Ava prepared a delicate yet savory broth. It was especially good when paired with an earthy tasting martini filled with shishito, vodka, dry vermouth, and olive juice. Each pairing was not just meant for effect. Ava’s dishes and drinks were part of the overall experience where the ingredients, flavor profiles, decor, dressed actors, and overall vibe were thoughtful, delicious, and fun. — Mona Holmes

Tokyo yatai ramen from Jidaiya

Loaded Tokyo yatai ramen from Jidaiya
Matthew Kang

Everyone always talks about Tsujita and when it comes to LA’s ramen scene, they are the Alpha and Omega. They’ve got three amazing shops in Sawtelle with different bowls, plus a larger spot in Glendale’s Americana at Brand, and everything they serve is almost on par with great ramen spots in Japan. Folks often ask what else is good, and there are plenty of other non-Tsujita ramen bowls that are exemplary: Kotoya in Palms serves a great maximimalist bowl, Venice Ramen serves a very good tonkotsu, and even Santouka prepares a very solid spicy miso.

However, Jidaiya might quietly be the second overall best ramen shop in Los Angeles, thanks to its Tokyo yatai ramen with wavy noodles and an umami-bomb broth. The loaded up version I ordered has grated mountain yam (which has a bit of gooey texture), wakame (seaweed), bamboo, green onions, and a soft boiled egg. The overall bowl has an amazing balance and the lighter soy-based broth isn’t as heavy as the tonkotsu. The only imperfection here might be the noodles, which could use a bit more heft. 18537 S Western Ave, Gardena, CA 90248 —Matthew Kang