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Lawsuit Reveals Alleged Misconduct at West Hollywood Bar

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The suit alleges rough behavior from Micky’s bouncers

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Micky’s West Hollywood
Micky’s West Hollywood
Micky’s West Hollywood
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Micky’s is facing accusations of misconduct in the wake of a new lawsuit filed in LA Superior Court. Jeffrey Thomas is suing the West Hollywood bar, which alleges rough behavior from security guards. Thomas seeks compensation to cover medical expenses and with lost wages from injuries he incurred as a result of the incident. While the suit was filed last month, some allege that Mickey’s staff has a long history of bad behavior.

Thomas’s incident was one of many Wehoville tracked in in the last year. Last month, the publication interviewed 29-year-old Andrew Hampton who claimed Micky’s bouncers violently threw him onto the street on April 22. Hampton was taken to the hospital to repair a broken tooth, and sustained a head injury that required stitches.

Yelp comments that date back to January 2017 also detail alleged abuse from Mickys’ staff. A woman named Nicole S. claimed she was handcuffed, dragged outside, and put in a chokehold in November 2017. In the same month, another Yelp reviewer named Chamirr D. claim a bartender called her friends derogatory and racist terms.

Yelp reviewer Nicole S. describes her incident with Micky’s security
Nicole S. via Yelp

In 2013, nine former employees sued the bar, believing that their civil rights were violated in the form of, “Lewd conduct, creating a sexually hostile work environment, racial discrimination and discrimination against heterosexual employees, and labor code violations,” according to Wehoville. Alcoholic Beverage Control board also shut down the bar for 30 days in 2015 in order to investigate misconduct. Thomas’s lawsuit marks the thirteenth lawsuit filed against Micky’s since 2000.

Micky’s West Hollywood, 8857 Santa Monica Blvd, West Hollywood, CA.