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Korean Fast Food Spot Bibigo Grows Into Its Own Along Sawtelle

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The food court destination adds a standalone restaurant

Bibigo [offiicial photo]

Fast casual Korean bowl specialist Bibigo is changing things up for its latest location in Sawtelle Japantown. The company is moving on from its recent food court model and offering up a standalone restaurant space, complete with an expanded menu.

Bibigo currently enjoys close to a dozen locations around greater Southern California, each of them tucked into a Westfield mall, say, or the Citadel Outlets down in Commerce. The menu has always been the same, offering customers a build-your-own experience with a variety of proteins and toppings mixed together a la a bowl of Korean bibimbap. There are also sides like scallion pancakes and more.

This new location will keep churning out Korean flavors, but with a slightly more elevated menu and the addition of beer and wine, though that won’t happen until later this year. As for the space, expect a vibe similar to Mendocino Farms, with up-front ordering, white subway tile, and some casual seating in the form of a compact dining room. Right now, Bibigo’s latest location is set to go live in Sawtelle Japantown on May 21.

2210 S. Sawtelle Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA

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