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After 16 Years, Silver Lake’s Beloved Cheese Store Waves Goodbye

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Sunset Junction loses one of its most venerable tenants

Inside the cheese store
Yelp/Sherri L.

One of LA’s best local cheesemongers is no more. The aptly-named The Cheese Store of Silverlake has closed after more than a decade and a half in business, locking up after service yesterday.

The Cheese Store of Silverlake is something of a retail icon for Sunset Junction, the buzzy corner often seen as the cultural heart of Silver Lake proper. The shop mostly served as a takeaway destination for home cooks and cheese and wine lovers, but also offered daily sandwiches from a special menu. Owner Chris Pollan first opened the storefront in 2003 and was a familiar face behind the counter offering samples for anyone who felt like they wanted to expand their cheese repertoire. Pollan passed away in 2015.

A note on the Cheese Store of Silverlake’s website reads:

The Cheese Store of Silverlake will be closed as of Tuesday, May 29. As we look forward to new adventures, the owner and staff would like to thank the neighborhood for 16 years of loyalty and support.

Meanwhile, Silver Lake has changed rapidly since those early days, and continues to churn with new developments and separate closures all its own. The longstanding Spice Station closed last year after a rent hike, and the area just north on Sunset Boulevard is due for a massive transformation with the arrival of a hotel, mixed-use buildings, and more.

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