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One of San Francisco’s Best Gay Bars Opens in West Hollywood This Year

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Hi Tops is a casual sports bar with an LGBTQ focus

Hi Tops SF
Hi Tops official photo
Hi Tops

One of San Francisco’s friendly gay sports bars heads to LA this summer, as Hi Tops takes over the Bar 10 space on Santa Monica Boulevard. Don’t worry: Bar 10 isn’t closing just yet. Instead, it’s eventually moving Downtown to participate in a collaboration with club promoter and coordinator of Pershing Square’s Proud Festival, Andres Rigal.

Eater spoke with co-owners Jesse Woodward and Dana Gleim about Hi Tops’ southbound trek. After looking at potential LA spots for a year, Woodward viewed Bar 10 last September and found the space and location ideal. The opening timeline is still pending, as Woodward and Gleim are still waiting for the liquor license to transfer, so the plan is to keep operating as Bar 10 for a few months, then change to Hi Tops by the end of summer.

Woodward and Gleim opened Hi Tops in 2012 with an idea for an easygoing neighborhood gay bar open to all. “We wanted a fun bar and to have it not be stuffy,” says Woodward. “It’s a gay bar where you can bring your parents. It’s friendly and welcoming, not intimidating and cliquey.” They plan to bring the same vibe to WeHo. The SF bar has sports on multiple TVs, quality bar food, occasionally topless male bartenders, trivia night, and a themed evening called gym night where drinkers dress as wrestlers and receive free shots. Sports fandom is not required.

Hi Tops
8933 Santa Monica Boulevard
West Hollywood, CA