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Cake Monkey Bakery Heats Up the West Valley Food Scene Next

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The new spot will offer more than just sweets

Cake Monkey
Cake Monkey
Yelp/Jam Y.

Longtime local bakers Cake Monkey are expanding their retail presence once again, opening up this time in the thick of the West Valley. This will be more than just a takeaway sweets shop, however, a full menu of both sweet and savory-side stuff — plus a few special surprises.

Cake Monkey has for years been a popular wholesale presence at coffee shops and storefronts around greater Los Angeles. In 2015, owners Lisa Olin and pastry chef Elizabeth Belkind decided to jump into the retail game for themselves, taking over a commissary kitchen space on Beverly Boulevard in order to sell their unique brand of sweets directly to consumers. That means everything from inside-out s’mores cookies to individually-sized layer cakes to whole pies and even some sweet breads.

Now with this new Westlake Village location, Cake Monkey will add some cafe staples to its repertoire. That means a whole new focus on breakfast and lunch, sit-down-style dining as opposed to takeaway or preorder pickups only. The new Cake Monkey Westlake Village will also carry a beer and wine license, and has seating for more than 35 customers at a clip, including some room on an attached patio. The restaurant was formerly a pizza place called Tonino’s, so the flip to a new Cake Monkey cafe should hopefully not be quite so arduous as starting completely from scratch.

As for timing, things are already moving quickly at the address on Agoura Road. Expect an opening for the new bakery space by the end of June or early July, most likely.

Cake Monkey Westlake Village
2805 Agoura Rd.
Westlake Village, CA

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