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Nancy Silverton Plans Big LA Expansion With Steakhouse and Spanish Restaurants

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Spanish food, a Carnevino offshoot, and more

Nancy Silverton
Wonho Frank Lee

It’s shaping up to be a busy year for Nancy Silverton. The longtime owner of all things Mozza tells Eater that she’s got a ton of new irons in the fire globally, including expanding the Mozza playbook to cities like New York City and London. But she’s also looking to bring at least a few new restaurants to Los Angeles as well.

First among the group of local potential newcomers is Carnevino, the upscale Las Vegas steakhouse operating under the B&B Hospitality group name. Silverton, a longtime partner there, took up a more outsized managerial role in that company following the sexual harassment and assault allegations against B&B’s Mario Batali.

She’s helping to lead the new direction of the company, and with that comes plans to grow in new and different ways. Any potential Carnevino in Los Angeles, thus, would likely carry a different name but much the same finer dining Italian chophouse heart — particularly because the original in Vegas is closing at the end of July.

SIlverton is also looking to add Spanish restaurant to the Los Angeles mix (perhaps something similar to B&B’s Michelin-starred Casa Mono in New York City), though again one without a current name or location. She tells Eater:

What’s great to see is that as a restaurateur I’m not static. There is opportunity out there for myself and for the staff — and we want to take that opportunity and do some growth. That’s exciting for me.

As of now, there are no firm locations or deadlines for any of these projects, but Silverton talking publicly about them certainly brings them one step closer to being real. In the meantime, Silverton is busy working at her existing Mozza restaurants and occasionally popping up on television. She’s also off to her Italian summer house later this month, but will continue to work on expansion plans. More on specific locations and restaurant details as they come.

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